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Our Company:      Kompella Finance & Investment Consultants Ltd.
  (established in 1986)
Registered Office:      Plot. No A-31, Kompella House, Journalist Colony, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad- 500 033. Ph.No.23547687/23547758,
 Economic growth rate at Micro/Macro level will depend on investment. Higher the rate of investment, higher the rate of growth of an economy and vice versa - other things being constant. We believe that investment in agriculture, industry and service sectors will increase the economic growth rate of any country including India.

    The concept of Equity Investments is increasing day-by-day all over the World including in India - as it will help the investors as well as the industry . Select Public & Private Sector Companies/ Banks have created huge Wealth to the investors and to the Company / Bank. Equity investments may give more returns in the short as well as long term, if the selection of the stock, entry and exit levels are good. However, equity investments are more risky. To get the maximum returns in equity investments or to minimise losses, an investor must have full knowledge about the company / industry / stock market etc. But, an average investor has neither time nor knowledge about equity investments.

     Kompella Portfolio Investment Advice (KPIA), promoted by Kompella Finance & Investment Consultants Ltd. in 1987, to give the best investment information, both fundamentally and technically to the investors, has successfully completed 23 years of service to the investors and to the industry with the help of investors and industry. It is the most sought investment magazine in India today and its popularity is gaining by leaps and bounds day-by-day. Since 2007, the Magazine goes e- publication to reduce the time and money to the investors and to the industry.

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